Pickens Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc.
PO Box 639 | Reidville, SC 29375 P: 864.582.3485  F: 864.585.4352

About Us

In 1904 Mr. R.O. Pickens worked at Pickens Sheet Metal & Roofing located in Pickens County, SC. Metalworking was a major part of the company business at this time with roofing being only a small part. Mr. R.O. Pickens saw a need for a company that would primarily do roofing, and associated metal work because the upstate was growing at a fast pace. Mr. Pickens visited several locations in the upstate and decided on Spartanburg due to its abundance of paved roads; more than any other city in the upstate.

Mr. Pickens opened Pickens Roofing & Sheet Metal in Spartanburg, SC in 1904 and the company has been in operation ever since. In 1989, Pickens Roofing opened another office located in Anderson, SC. Mr. Pickens’s belief in giving the customer a good roof at a good price and to stand behind his work and word is still present today at Pickens Roofing. Pickens Roofing is now a fourth generation family company, and all office members of Pickens Roofing & Sheet Metal have extensive hands on field experience. This allows our staff to be knowledgeable in all phases of roofing and sheet metal.

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