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Built Up Roofing

Built-up roofs (BUR) have one of the longest histories in the construction trades. In fact, they date back to the Egyptians. The asphalt systems are the most often used for institutional, commercial, and industrial buildings. Its advantages include durability and competitive life-cycle costs. The normal BUR system begins with the roof decking which is covered by insulation panels, after which multiple plies of felt are mopped with hot asphalt mixtures and topped off with gravel, granular or coating.

Modified bituminous sheets were introduced to the BUR family and are the fastest growing portion of the BUR industry today. The system uses standard built-up philosophies, but blend asphalt with polymers to make them both more flexible and stronger. These modified sheets perform well with the roof decks and insulations that have been designed for today’s market. They can be installed in hot asphalt, torched or set in adhesives. If limited access, building height or rooftop traffic is a concern, this may be a system to consider. Pickens Roofing has built-up roofs that have lasted 40 years. Types of roof construction offered include commercial, residential, new construction, re-roof, overlay and systems include modified, built-up, cold process and torch applied. Inquire about the new technologies available and competitively priced systems that have been proven over time.

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